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Simunix unveils its 'shop window'

19 May 2010, York

Simunix Ltd. - the York based directory services provider - has unveiled its new website. The redesign was initiated by a survey taken of Simunix customers that revealed a massive 78% were unaware of the whole range of Simunix products available to them.

The idea behind the new design was to create a 'shop window' for all the products and services that make up the Simunix suite of directory solutions.


Posted by Simunix press team on 19 May 2010, 14:37

ZoneSearch: where would you be without it?

18 March 2010

ZoneSearch is the innovative new mapping and information system to come out of York-based data supplier, Simunix. The service promises to improve the efficiency with which response and recovery units initiate their operations.

The unique mapping interface of ZoneSearch makes it possible to identify target areas with the click of a button. There are three ways in which the user can perform a search, each of which provides the highest level of precision possible. Find more info on my hermes phone number here.